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What is one of the most significant challenges facing developers, designers, and planners in today's metropolitan areas?
How to provide adequate parking in increasingly challenging and shrinking spaces? MPSystem is the answer.

MPSystem maximizes usable space for parking vehicles in commercial, residential and general use environments by taking the driver
out of the process of parking a vehicle.

MPSystem automated parking system technology accommodates more vehicle in less space by
eliminating the need for conventional garage driveways, ramps, passenger elevators, stairways and other infrastructure freeing this
space to park more vehicles. MPSystem automated parking systems are custom-designed to fit the needs of our customers and
maximize potential for restrictive buliding footprints - increasing parking capacity in areas where construction of conventional garage
may not even be possible.

Since our founding, MPSystem has placed customer satisfaction as its highest priority, from design to
installation to regular maintenance, our engineers and technicians specialize in maximizing space potential and ensuring that our
automated parking system not only park more vehicles in less space- but do so quickly, safely and consistently.